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POP-ARTJukebox | Kustom


A revolutionary spin on the classical Still Life genre; Unique, beautiful, bespoke Pop-Art prints for the home or workplace.

These all-new, original Alleyne prints marry classic modernist product design with fine renderings of that most evocative of cultural artefacts; the iconic 7″ single.

POP-ARTJukebox’ introduces an innovative take on image making – now you can ‘mix-and-match’ your choice of elements to produce a beautiful print that’s perfect for you (or a friend) – at a perfect price.

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Hit the ‘BUILD YOUR OWN’ button below to enter the ‘POP-ARTJukebox’ disco . . .

Giclée. Pure pigment archival ink on 280gsm pure-white archival matt stock, 42cm x 30cm (‘real-world’ object scale), unframed.

Each print is hand finished by the artist and carries the embossed Editions SSA mark of authenticity, the Alleyne glyph ink stamp and an individual print number.

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