David Paul Gleeson Prints Now Available Exclusively From Editions SSA

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A new series of signed fine-art prints by multiple award-winning artist David Paul Gleeson is now available exclusively from Editions SSA.

These limited-edition prints channel 17th- and 18th-century still-life painting, whilst reflecting the artist’s affinity with the Color Field genre – resulting in a vision of familiar, everyday objects that is at once abstract and figurative.

“In my work I try to look again at the everyday. There is a bit of mystery, alchemy even, in the craft of painting. All of my work conjures up a world that is barely glimpsed and often overlooked. The transience of everyday existence is caught and held up for scrutiny. The ordinary is thus transformed, and the onlooker is invited to pause and consider how the commonplace is strangely – and at times achingly – beautiful. It’s the magic of the quotidian.”

StrawberryShell“, “RedcurrantTeaspoon” and “ChilliLemon” mark the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between the artist and Editions SSA.

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